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Celeste Pierce

Originally from the world of the art and design, Celeste Pierce has been the founder & creative director for Trip City for nearly a decade. Based in Paris since 2016, she has been curating creative content for a community of travel and adventure enthusiasts, creators, and artists.

Nathan Heard

Editorial Assistant

Nathan connects with the world around him to find inspiration and new perspectives. Thanks to his education and experiences, he is able to bring people together by creating new content and ideas. What really fuels him? Travel. The power of travel impacts our ideas, perspectives, and culture.


Jasmine Gray

Travel Editor

Jasmine studied Communications and Marketing in Prague. She is passionate about travel, design, and influencer culture. She loves to discover new places and new people, and she gets her inspiration from everything that surrounds her – from galleries, to festivals, to the outdoors.


Gabriel Luna

Assistant Editor
Gabriel was originates from the heart of the French countryside where he developed a free-spirited mindset. He studied journalistm and communications, and became a freelance writer and photographer. He developed a wide repertoire of skills and abilities, including travel storytelling.

Stella Wallace

Content Strategist

Stella Wallace is passionate about photography, art, design, travel, and curating content. She enjoys exploring the artistic world of travel by visiting exhibitions, bookstores, and cultural events while traveling. She joined the Trip City Team as Lead Content Strategist in 2020.

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