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About Trip City

Our unique daily content caters to the world of both travel and remote work. Our readers are avid travelers, explorers, entrepreneurs, and adventure lovers who fly all around the world for business, pleasure, and the sought-after combination of the two. We are a skilled network of travel and business experts and journalists providing fellow travelers and business owners content on subjects of special interest to the modern remote career demographic.

Our Mission

Trip City is the ultimate source of information for bold travelers and leaders who see the opportunity in this new way of remote working and living on-the-go. At TC, our mission is to help our readers embark on unforgettable journeys that can not only satisfy their personal goals, but also provide innovative strategies for remote careers along the way. If you want to work hard, but adventure even harder, see what we are all about.

Los Angeles Headquarters

Our main headquarters are located in the heart of download LA. There’s no better place to begin than sunny California.

Madrid Satellite Office

One first satellite location is in Madrid. Spain’s central capital is renowned for art, culture, and history.

Sydney Satellite Office

Next followed our Sydney location, our harbourside haven down under. Iconic attractions and brilliant beaches – what more could you ask for?

London Sister Office

Our final location in London, across the Thames River, with a panoramic view of the South Bank cultural complex.

Inspiration and More

We are your daily dose of exploration inspiration. Trip City provides you with special and creative strategies, techniques, and guides for a traveling and working lifestyle. Don’t hesitate to contact us for further information. Find out all details on how to submit your own contributions and become a part of the Trip City team.

Business with Trip City

Working with and contributing to Trip City is the best way to reach an international audience, mainly composed of travelers and explorers, as well as leaders, business owners, directors, creative agencies, brands, photographers and also students.


We are a successful online publication based in Los Angeles with satellite offices around the world. We deliver an international perspective on the latest travel and business news. We have a powerful internal team and an engaged audience, in a premium category.


Trip City was founded because we wanted to share how easy it is to plan and organize travel, life, and work goals, so that all of the things that are important to you can exist simultaneously. We strive to expand our international impact through several locations worldwide.

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