4 Quick and Easy Ways to Disguise Yourself

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If you’re suspicious about your spouse’s behavior, it may make sense to tail them and see what they’re up to. Catching a cheater in the act can be difficult; however, if you’re able to follow your spouse without being recognized, you may be able to catch them in a lie. All of this may seem like a bit of overkill, but it’s important not to jump to conclusions and file for a divorce if you don’t have evidence supporting your suspicions.

Particularly if you’re worried about your spouse leaving to avoid you serving them in person, it may make sense to follow them in disguise first just to confirm that your concerns are founded. After all, if you’re going to have to go through the trouble of figuring out how to serve papers to someone that’s hiding in the first place, it makes sense to know that you have a reason for starting the divorce lawsuit in the first place. Here are four quick and easy ways to disguise yourself when you need to avoid being recognized.

1. Do your makeup differently.


It’s astonishing how transformative wearing your makeup differently can be. Even though it seems like a small step to take towards transforming your overall look, if your spouse is used to seeing you wear your makeup or hair a specific way, changing it up can make it hard to recognize you. Especially if you’re planning on keeping your distance, avoiding your natural look by using false eyelashes or eyelash extensions can really transform the way that you look to your spouse from afar.

While it’s true that eyeliner or lash line could help disguise your eyes a bit, too, using silk lashes or faux mink eyelashes can be an even more effective way to create a different look than your natural lashes. When combined with different mascara, a new approach to contouring, and a different shade of lipstick, you might be surprised with just how different you look.

2. Use headwear to obscure your head and face.


If you’re worried that you might be in closer quarters to your spouse, it may make sense to wear some sort of head covering. If it’s cold or rainy, a hooded rain jacket or scarf and knit cap can do wonders for keeping more of your face obscured. If you’re trailing your spouse in a warmer climate, consider wearing a pair of oversized sunglasses to obscure more of your face—the chunkier the sunglasses the better. You may even want to wear a hat that casts a bit of a shadow over your face and makes you less discernible, particularly if you don’t often wear hats.

3. Dress up in a costume.


This tip doesn’t necessarily mean to dress up as a skeleton or a zombie, as you wore for Halloween. However, by wearing a different outfit that doesn’t gel with your normal style, you’ll be far less likely to be recognized while you’re following your spouse. For example, if you wouldn’t normally be seen dead in a leather or denim jacket, it’s worth heading to the thrift shop first in order to change your appearance.

4. Borrow a friend’s car.


As you keep tabs on your spouse, you may need to follow them by car. Of course, your spouse is likely to recognize you in your car if you drive what you regularly drive. As a result, it’s worth talking to a trusted friend about borrowing their vehicle while you conduct the stakeout on your spouse. Once they understand that you may have a divorce case on your hands if it’s clear that your spouse is cheating on you, they’ll surely be willing to help you out. After you’ve secured a car your spouse won’t recognize, head to the last known address that they said they were heading to and see if their story checks out. If it doesn’t, you, unfortunately, may wind up being the petitioner in a divorce case.

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