What Should I Major in if I Like Traveling?

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Are you somebody who can’t sit still in one place? Do you enjoy exploring new cities, states, and countries? Your love for travel may not only expand your horizons but could put you on to the career path that’s right for you. College applicants should look into some of the career opportunities out there to find the major that can combine their love for jet-setting and exploring with their futures.



When looking into the next step of your education, you want to make sure you’re investing in the best college counseling services. These services come with comprehensive packages that can enhance your chances of getting into the university you most desire while also offering flexible payment to cover the cost of that success rate. Tell your college counselor about your love for travel.

This could point you to opportunities like an aviation career. Aviation degrees can help you advance in a career as a commercial or private pilot. It could be a fulfilling option for those with a passion for flying. You can even use this degree in conjunction with engineering knowledge to build your strengths in helping these machines gain flight.



Many majors underneath the communications umbrella could have you spending plenty of time on the road. Whether it’s journalism, public relations, or performing arts, high schoolers can take their love in these fields into admissions offices to land a spot in their dream school. Journalists in print, TV, and radio fields can find themselves spending most of the year on the go. A sports journalist covering a particular team will follow coaches and players throughout the season on road trips.

If your passion is acting or dancing, you may want to stress your love for it in your college essay to get into the program that could lead to a gig on stage or the set. PR majors will find themselves on the go to help make events come to life for their clients. This could lead to personal growth, starting in one city with projects to possibly going international with the right public relations firm.



The hospitality industry can open up multiple travel opportunities. When going through the college application process, look into business schools that highlight their hospitality programs. In fact, some colleges in the United States actually operate hotels on their campus that students actively run to get firsthand knowledge of the ins and outs of daily hotel operations. This degree can set you up in just about any geographic location.

Your major could find you working for a company like Cabo Platinum, providing villa rentals with scenic ocean views in a paradise setting. Jobs like this can have you getting patrons on the golf course or booking them a massage as they lay on the beachfront. This opens up job opportunities that can combine a passion for travel with a love for sports or a love for culture to find the right way of life for you.



If you’re looking to pursue a nursing degree or a Ph.D., the application process should focus on the best colleges in the medical field. Your knowledge gained in these studies can pave the way to travel and do good worldwide. A medical degree from a top university could make you the ideal candidate to spread health-related knowledge and treatment to parts of the world that may be struggling to give people the quality of care they need. As you travel, look into what interests you most about each location you visit. This could be useful for you and your college admissions consultant to determine the right step towards your dream job that also feeds your passion and need to travel in no time.

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