4 Ways to Create the Best “Girls Only” Christmas Weekend

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Celebrating the holidays with the people you love can be a wonderful time to look forward to every year. Starting fun traditions with the women you love in your life can help solidify bonds with people you don’t often see. Going to special events or just kicking back with a glass of eggnog might be exactly what you need. Whether you decide what to do as a group or wish to surprise your guests, you have only one rule to follow: no boys allowed. It’s time to gather around the fireplace to enjoy some excitement during your “girls only” Christmas weekend.

Spa day

Creating special traditions help you become closer while enjoying the people you’re with. They can be new adventures or something passed on between mothers, daughters, and close friends. Especially during the holidays, you may be busy preparing home-cooked meals for the masses, rushing around to buy gifts, or working late nights to meet Christmas Eve deadlines. It’s the perfect time to book a room for a few nights for a pampering spa getaway. Fly out to the West Coast to recharge at a med spa in Los Angeles to experience a refreshing facial treatment. After all the holiday hustle and bustle, it’s a chance to smooth out those worry lines with services such as Botox shots or laser hair removal. Afterwards, you and your favorite gal pals can say goodbye to shopping stress with a hot stone massage. This type of therapy often uses flat, heat-absorbing volcanic rocks that are laid out along your body to help relax your muscles.

Decking the halls

Bring the girls weekend to your place, omitting money spent on hotels and more time for late-night wine and Hallmark movies. Get together for a group design assessment: a fabulous winter wonderland in your very own home with a variety of cheerful decor. Set up stations filled with LED Christmas Lights, Christmas Trees Christmas Designers for each of you to create DIY ornaments or projects. Beach lovers can have fun filling large glass vases together with sand, eco-friendly glitter, and seashells. Add a strand or two of tiny delicate fairy lights to complete a gift-worthy centerpiece. If you have daughters or nieces joining in the fun, they can each make an adorable Santa with a dried-out starfish, paints, and topped with a tiny white fuzzy pom pom on top. Fishing wire can be glued on to be placed later on as a new addition to the tree. 

Giving Back

Over half a million people were homeless in 2018 in the US. 33 percent of these included families with children. Gather your loved ones around this holiday season to volunteer at a local soup kitchen. Donating old toys or duplicate gifts with your daughters help to spread Christmas joy and a hot meal to keep people warm on cold winter nights. Humans aren’t the only ones who need some extra love during the holiday seasons. Organizations such as HSU have programs that allow you to bring a shelter dog home for a few days over the Christmas break to spoil and play with while waiting to be adopted or fostered. 

Painting and Pinot

Find your inner Picasso at a local art studio where you can choose from a variety of projects on canvas, reclaimed wood, or even wine glasses. Your local studio has an instructor to teach you step-by-step how to create your very own masterpiece to take home (or sneak under the tree for mom). Some studios have the option of the instructor coming to your house for a private lesson instead. If you decided to freestyle on your own, you can replicate the evening at home instead. Set up an area with some canvases, brushes, and paints from your favorite craft store. For an extra special touch, you can buy everyone matching winter pajamas for an all-night paint session.

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