5 Hobbies to Try Out This Fall

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When’s the last time you’ve had a hobby to enjoy?

Let’s be honest: a lot of us are busy with survival. Whether it’s keeping the bills paid, keeping the family together, or keeping your head on straight, it seems like there’s never enough time for leisure or plain fun. Well, we’d like to challenge you to make time for fun. Make time to get lost in a new hobby that helps you cope with whatever may be bringing you down. Here are a few ideas on hobbies you should get a jump on:

1. Plants

Tending to plants has always been a favorite past time for many folks. Lately, younger generations have also taken up the hobby of becoming a “plant parent.” Whether you want to grow a plant for its seed or nourish a flower that’s already bloomed, there are many benefits to taking care of plants. Here are a few:

  • Gives you a sense of purpose and fulfillment to take care of a living being.
  • Helps boost creativity, positivity, and overall peacefulness.
  • Can help clean the air of indoor spaces.

Have you been sold to embarking on the plant journey? Perfect; we have the best plant shop for you! Lively Root is an online plant shop that sells several outdoor and indoor plants, such as the croton petra. The croton petra plant’s leaves are gorgeous, and this tropical plant’s colorful leaves light up any room its placed in. The croton plant enjoys high humidity, so it may be helpful to include a humidifier in the room (if you keep it indoors). The croton is also a huge fan of sunlight (it’ll only need partial shade), so be sure to keep in outside or by a window to embrace in the full sun. The croton will also only need a little water, so overall, this houseplant is very low-maintenance for beginning planters. Visit Lively Root to purchase a new croton with vibrant color leaves.

2. Golf

Golf is a great hobby to pick up at any stage of life. Not only is it a less-demanding form of physical activity, but it also teaches you about having patience. During a time in the world when it feels like there are simply no answers, patience is a virtue.

To golf, you’ll need reliable gear to enjoy the sport. Edel Golf is a company that makes golf equipment such as putters, wedges, irons, and other related golf gear. Their toe up putter is a must-have for golfers; the grip end of the putter and the toe up factor creates a great balance that pushes the golf ball just how you like it. If you’re looking forward to major championships in your new golf career, be sure to visit Edel Golf.

3. Book Club

Reading is fundamental; it’s also pretty peaceful!

When’s the last time you dove into a good book? It’s never too late to immerse yourself into a new story, and you may as well do it with some friends. Here are a few book clubs you can consider joining as a new hobby:

Noname’s Book Club

BitchReads Book Club

4. Cooking

It’s likely you’re spending a lot of time at home (given the current Covid-19 pandemic is still wreaking havoc). You may as well spend it in the kitchen!

Cooking is not only a great way to improve your health by trying out different healthy recipes, but you can also explore your creativity. Imagine creating a dinner out of anything you found in your refrigerator or pantry; that’s magic. Or, if you would like to be a bit more organized, you can learn more about cooking through cookbooks in magazines or tutorial videos on popular food websites. This will definitely be a hobby that will deliver delicious results if you stay dedicated!

5. Sewing

This is a practical skill that everyone should know (not just your grandmother or your favorite fashion designer). It will certainly take some patience, but imagine how proud you’ll be when you’re able to stitch up a hole in your favorite sweater. Invest in a hobby that will challenge you to new growth.

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