5 Reasons to Visit Corinth Mississippi

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When you are looking for the next great city to tick off your list of American cities to visit, consider Corinth, Mississippi. While it may sound surprising, there is plenty to do in Corinth, especially if you are an outdoorsman, history nerd, or a gun hobbyist. 

Corinth offers much to do in a low-cost area, so you do not have to worry about breaking the bank on your relaxing vacation. Visiting a town like Corinth is pivotal if you want to experience a true southern United States town. If you want to learn more about this gem of a city in Mississippi, here are five great reasons to visit.

It Offers A Host Of Historical Sites

One of the lesser-known facts about Corinth, Mississippi, is that it is a prominent historical city and is home to many historical sites and museums. Consider visiting the Crossroads Museum, home to not only fossils but also relics from Native American tribes, artifacts from the Civil War, and other pieces of military history. 

When you discover Corinth, MS, you discover interesting facts about our nation’s history, including Civil War times, southern culture, and the history of the railroad in the southern United States. You can also consider visiting the Civil War Interpretive Center, for a deeper and richer explanation of Corinth’s role in the Civil War and a beautiful fountain installation on the museum grounds. Among these museums, Corinth is also home to Civil War battlefields, which are open for public viewing. 

It’s A Great Place To Aim And Shoot

If you love the great outdoors, the great indoors, or anywhere you can shoot a gun, consider visiting Corinth. The Corinth Gun Club offers areas where you can shoot skeet or other targets among fellow gun lovers and hobbyists. 

There are also a few shooting ranges in the vicinity of Corinth if you are willing to travel a little further out of town. Above all, if you are looking for a friendly area to test out your Maxim Defense pistol brace or another new gun accessory, Corinth is a friendly place to do it. 

There’s A Host Of Quirky Collections

If you’re a fan of quirky sites and collections, Corinth, MS, could be the perfect vacation spot for you. You can visit the Corinth Coke Museum for a look at a wide range of Coca-Cola memorabilia and history. The Coke Museum is open Monday through Friday and features a huge collection of Coca-Cola related items and historical artifacts. And, of course, Coke is available on site to purchase. Corinth is home to Corinth Coca-Cola Bottling Works, which has been bottling Cokes for over 100 years. 

It Features A Quaint Downtown 

Part of the reason one may want to visit a quaint, small, southern town is for the quintessential sites. Corinth has no shortage of these, as its streets are lined with local shops for you to peruse and make purchases from. Additionally, all the cute small town sites can make for wonderful photos to share online or with friends and family. They will be jealous of all the down-to-earth, adorable pictures you show them.

There Are Activities For The Whole Family

Corinth is home to a parks and recreation department that aims to keep the focus on fun and create programming that the whole family can enjoy. If you time your trip right, you could spend time at the Corinth, MS, Trail of Treats near Halloween. Satisfy your sweet tooth and take in the beautiful fall leaves and weather in a quaint southern town. Be careful, all the sweetness could rub off on you and you may consider moving there!

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