5 Social Distancing Activities You Can Do With Your Kids

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The first case of COVID-19 occurred in China in late 2019. COVID-19 is a contagious respiratory disease caused by the novel coronavirus. Individuals with COVID-19 can experience several symptoms, including trouble breathing, fatigue, chest pain, fever, and headaches. Some individuals who get this disease suffer long-term health issues as a result of the illness. COVID-19 can also be fatal.

You can keep your kids busy and safe by teaching them the proper way to wear a face mask. You can protect your children by showing them how to cover their noses and mouths with their face masks. Wearing reusable face masks promotes disease control and prevents people from contracting the virus. You can purchase child-size masks with elastics that hook over their ears to keep the covering in place. You can also buy multi-purpose face coverings and use them as masks, scarves, or headbands. You can encourage your children to wear masks when outdoors by allowing them to choose cloth masks with the styles and designs they like.

Once your children know how to wear their reusable masks properly, they will be ready for some safe summer activities.

1. Hiking and Camping

You can explore nature while hiking. Go hiking during weekdays and avoid holidays and other times when the trails may be busy. If you do encounter others on the trail, move off the path to ensure you are a safe distance from them. You can also contact park officials and ask which trails are busiest. Avoid busy paths.

Plan a camping trip to a campground with woods or distance between sites to reduce your risk of exposure from other campers. You can entertain the kids by bringing your games with you. You can also enjoy a cookout and campfire.

2. Walking the Dog


Invest in the best harness for dogs that pull and take your dog for regular walks. Joyride Harnesses discourage small and big dogs from pulling on the leash with their custom design. The front-clip harness is designed to turn dogs back towards the person holding the leash. Children and adults can walk the family dog when they are wearing one of these harnesses. Each Joyride Harness has a one-year warranty and a money-back guarantee.

You and your children can walk the dog during business hours because fewer people will be walking during those times. You can also avoid crowds by driving to remote parks with walking trails.

3. Going to the Drive-In

You and your family can go out to see a movie at a drive-in theater. Drive-in theaters reduce the risk of contamination because you bring your seating with you. You do not even need to worry about touching a speaker because drive-in theaters transmit the sound over a radio frequency. You can also use disinfectant wipes before touching doors, toilets, and faucets.

4. BYOT (Bringing Your Own Toys)


Pack up a beachball and head to public volleyball courts to play ball with your children. You will not need to worry about your children touching toys other people have used if they are playing with their balls. You can also opt to head out to a field and kick around a soccer ball or play catch.

You can invest in a drone if your children prefer electronic toys. Take your children to a field away from others and let them learn to navigate the drone. Some drones contain cameras and can be used to take pictures.

5. Crafting and Gardening


You can use egg cartons, tuna cans, paper, and many other household items to make a wide range of crafts. Make a paper-mache volcano and use baking soda, dish soap, red food coloring, and vinegar to create lava.

Start a garden if your kids prefer digging in the dirt. You can order flower and vegetable seeds online. You can also order all the supplies you need to start gardening, including potting soil, flower pots, and gardening tools.

Bonus: Joining a Book Club


Many libraries host annual summer reading programs. Libraries are offering programs online. You can order books to borrow from your library and pick them up. Use safe wipes or sprays before handling the books or store them for up to two days to prevent transmission of the virus. Your children can travel the world through stories while maintaining a safe distance from others.

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