5 Things You Should Know Before Dating a British Guy

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Dating is constantly changing with the development of technology. Various apps allow eligible singles to explore the dating pool wherever they might live or travel. Visiting a country means a new pool of guys with different cultural norms and — of course — accents. British guys excel at charm. These five tips are essential to keep in mind when jumping into the British dating pool.

British politeness isn’t just a stereotype

Wait, guys with accents who are also polite? How much better can it get? These men are smooth, sound adorable, and have manners. Dating a British guy will hit you hard.

When going on a date with a British male, be ready to grab a drink, because drinking culture is as strong in the UK as it is in the US. When ordering a meal, order a glass of beer or wine to loosen the tension. While on the date, British men are more low-key and shy compared to American men. A drink might bring out their confidence a bit more in a date situation.

Know what you want

Knowing where things are going is important in every relationship. Communicate this with your hookup or the person you are seeing. Honesty is always the best policy, even if you are on the road and traveling through the UK. If a serious relationship isn’t in the cards, don’t be misleading and pretend that it is. If you don’t want anything serious, you may want to consider sex dating. This would allow for a no-strings-attached relationship that can be beneficial for both people involved. You have websites and apps to use to meet people with this intention in mind.

Use the right site or app

With these hookups or casual relationships in mind, be sure to use the correctly aligned sites and apps. For example, avoid signing up for a dating site where others are looking for a committed relationship, especially if all you have in mind is a casual hookup.

Using technology to your advantage also opens up the pool of people and makes the entire process easier. This also gives you options when traveling. A great idea is to download a casual dating app to find someone to meet up and show you around while heading through certain areas. Even if you don’t meet up with the person, dating apps can be used when traveling to ask locals what the best spots are, according to Mashable. Also, remember to stay safe when meeting up with anyone you meet online!

Skype exists for a reason.

What happens if you are on vacation in the UK and meet an amazing British guy? He is charming, funny, cute, and everything that makes the perfect man. This might prove difficult when you must end a trip and head back to reality. Technology comes to the rescue yet again with video chatting websites. Skype is a great way to stay in touch with people you meet internationally. It’s one of the best ways to stay in touch with family members or loved ones far away, according to the Telegraph. A casual relationship might turn into more with the help of online video chats. Time differences are no match for a great romance.

British men are worth spending time with, not only because of their cute accents but because they are charming and might be a good change of pace. Next time you travel to the UK, look into some casual-dating or hookup apps to explore the British dating pool.

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