5 Tips for Choosing the Best Cam Site

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With COVID-19 still keeping many people at home, a bit of sexual frustration is to be expected. After several months, the typical video sites have lost their appeal. Plus, they’re not the safest choice to try and find a hookup. You’re not sure where to turn. But then it comes to you: cam sites.

Using a cam site provides a more interactive sexual experience without you leaving the comfort of your own home. If you’re ready to find a hot and steamy website to keep you entertained for hours at a time, here’s how to choose.

1. Look at their reputation.

While you should always have a security service like Cloudflare in place if you’re using an adult site, if you don’t want to deal with online attacks you may want start by looking at a cam site’s reputation first. You can go about this several ways. First, you can look at general user reviews. While having the best reviews doesn’t always mean the site has the best service, it may have some top-tier models. Second, you can go to popular adult magazine webpages to see if they’ve ranked cam sites for your convenience. It’s an easy way to find a respectable site that won’t set off your Cloudflare every other minute. Nobody wants to deal with viruses right now, computer or otherwise.

2. Check the pay structure.

While there are some free cam sites, these are usually flooded with traffic. If you want one-on-one time with the models, you’re going to struggle to stand out in a sea of other users. Instead, look at the premium sites which often have membership fees or pay structures. Most commonly, you’ll end up paying for “tokens,” which you can then use to tip the models and performers. While this is fine in theory, make sure it checks out in practice. Compare a couple of sites to get a general idea of coin value. This will keep you from overspending on tokens so you’re not being swindled.

3. Seek out variety.

If you have specific fantasies or interests, it’s key to understand that not every cam site will cater to those. Some cam sites are softer in nature and stay more flirtatious and vanilla. Others can get very adult very quickly. It’s a good call to have an idea of what you’re looking for so you can find the variety you crave. Remember: More niche sites may be more expensive depending on your particular sexual preferences. Special requests will almost always cost extra as well.

4. Find intimate platforms.

While it’s fine to lurk in the general chatroom and watch a tamer performance, the one-on-ones are where the real excitement happens. However, some platforms don’t offer this feature. If you want to get some intimate face time with a model, you need to find a site that can facilitate this. If you’re nervous about talking to an adult model, visit puatraining.com to get some quality flirtation tips. It’ll help you feel more confident and ready to get down to business.

5. Make sure the models get paid.

Some sites take major cuts of the profit when it comes to cam action. For many models, this is an unfair practice and you shouldn’t support it, no matter how hot the site seems. Find cam sites that give their models a good portion of their tips and cash. Some models rely on cam services as their sole form of income so you should do your best to support them. It’s only the right thing to do.

Cam sites are a great release outlet these days. Finding one can be hard but when you’ve struck gold, you’ll know right away.

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