5 Tips for Getting Through a Crappy Divorce

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Going through a divorce is a trying time for everyone involved, as disputes can often turn bitter and mediation can dissolve into fighting. When your previously amicable split starts to become crappier than you imagined (not that divorce is fun or anything), it can be easy to get lost in the drama and turn to social media friends for support. During this time, try to take time for yourself and focus on your self-care so that the divorce doesn’t become overwhelming and take over every aspect of your life. Check out these five tips to follow so that you can get through your crappy divorce and come out on the other end as a stronger person.

1. Don’t get caught in a social media trap.

During a divorce, you need to keep in mind that anything you post on the internet can be found and seen by anyone. Social media traps can end up hurting your credibility, especially if you are in the middle of a child custody battle. A photo of girls’ night out that shows you consuming copious amounts of alcohol could be used against you by the other side. Airing out your drama on social media platforms might also cast a negative light on you. Instead, try to withdraw from your social media account as much as possible during this time and keep your interactions and negative comments to a minimum.

2. Destress naturally with CBD gummies.

CBD gummies are a great, natural way to alleviate some stress. The gummy contains cannabinoid oil, which helps you mellow out (however it doesn’t get you high). Follow your doctor’s advice before taking these miracle CBD gummies, though. If you have a serious medical condition or use prescription medications, there could be adverse effects. Once your doctor approves the use, then you could work on de-stressing and enjoying the other benefits of CBD (it can help with insomnia, chronic pain, and more). These gummies have all-natural ingredients.

3. Set your new routine and stick to it.

You will need some form of stability during this rocky time, and by setting a new routine that does not involve your soon-to-be ex, you can give yourself that much-needed structure. It will take some time to find your new normal after a divorce, so be patient with yourself and try to focus on what you can do to add in some self-care, such as a weekly massage appointment, a tennis match with friends, or visiting one of your favorite outdoor areas where you can take in some of the local scenery.

4. Establish a trusted support group of friends or family members.

Let’s face it: getting divorced honestly sucks. It’s a drawn-out ordeal and you need to have some kind of support group so that you can safely vent or get potentially valuable feedback from trusted friends and family members. Make sure that these friends or family members are ones you can trust, though, as you don’t want them going behind your back to your ex and telling them what you are saying or planning. That could end up being disastrous for your case. You will quickly learn who you can and can’t trust in a divorce situation.

5. Find a good, reputable family law attorney.

If you have children, your divorce case could get complicated quickly. Having a reputable family law attorney on your side can help alleviate some of that stress, as they will fight for you to ensure that both you and your children get the best possible outcome from the divorce and the ensuing custody agreement. Your lawyer will also make sure that your child support payments are handled correctly and that any alimony you’re owed is paid out to you.

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