5 Ways to Preserve Family Memories

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Every family has its own set of unique dynamics, traditions, stories, and history. Holding onto these precious memories is just as important as making them. Figuring out how to preserve family memories can be daunting, especially when memories span several generations. Take a look at some of the ways you can start preserving family memories today.

1. Dedicate a space in your home.

Displaying family photos and moments throughout your home is a great way to surround yourself with memories. A unique way to preserve family memories is to dedicate a space in your home to display them. Keep photos and family mementos on a dedicated shelf or display case so that when family and friends come to visit they can enjoy the stories the memorabilia tell.


2. Take videos as often as you take photos.

Photos are a great way to snap precious moments as they happen, but videos can be just as great. There’s no need to wait for a perfect moment or action to start rolling a video. Focus on capturing daily moments, no matter how big or small. One day the camera will capture a priceless memory that you’ll get to replay as often as you like.

An alternative to waiting to catch the perfect candid moment on camera is to interview your family members. Take video interviews of your family members recounting childhood memories, telling stories about life events, or just speaking about whatever moves them.

To make a high-quality professional video you need the right equipment. Sliders, cranes, jibs, and dolly tracks give you the motion control needed to make a dynamic family video. Instead of paying thousands to purchase a big camera and filming accessories, you can rent video dollies, tripods, cables, and more from companies like BorrowLenses.

This type of rental company enables you to rent professional-grade camera and video support equipment and have it shipped to your door. Whether your project takes three days or 90 days, simply send the equipment back with a prepaid shipping label when you’re done. Mastering cinematography to add depth to your family’s story can be easy and affordable, too.


3. Take weekly photos during baby’s first year.

It’s hard not to take photos of every adorable moment throughout the day when you have a baby. Instead of snapping hundreds of photos a week, stage a weekly photoshoot of your tiny subject. Not only is it easier to see how your baby grows week over week, but when their first birthday arrives you’ll have a beautiful collection of photos to show just how much your baby has grown.


4. Convert photos and videos into a digital format.

Before smartphones, there were film cameras and hand-held camcorders with cassettes. Your family likely has a collection of photo albums, prints, negatives, slides, and tapes. A great way to preserve family memories is to convert old photos and videos into a digital format. All you need to convert photos is a scanner, and with the right software, you can easily digitize video and film formats.


5. Put together a scrapbook.

Once you’ve converted your family’s photos and videos into a digital format, put together a digital scrapbook. You can then put the completed scrapbook onto a custom flash drive for each family member to enjoy.

USB flash drives are lightweight, durable storage devices that use flash memory for video files and data storage, and can be attached to a keychain. They’re also known as USB drives, flash drives, USB sticks, thumb drives, and pen drives. The drive capacity of thumb drives ranges from large to small based on your storage needs.

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Let these five ways of preserving family memories inspire you to start walking down memory lane as you rediscover your family’s history.

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