5 Ways You Can Help Your Church

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Belonging to a church is a wonderful way to fill your life with encouragement, support, and guidance. One of the greatest benefits of finding a church home is getting involved in altruistic work. Your church can often need help internally, and as a member, it’s important to give back the love and care that’s poured outward. Here are just five of the many ways you can get involved and help your church.

Use Your God-Given Gifts

The Bible states that we are given spiritual gifts to help others. These gifts range from prophecy and wisdom to giving and teaching. As Christians, we are called to take these innate gifts and apply them in a service capacity. Not sure how your gift can be used spiritually? Contact an elder or pastor at your church and let them know. Church leaders use their own spiritual gifts to pour into their congregation and help them find their place.

Get Involved

Whether your church has 200 members or 2,000, there are plenty of ways to get involved. Sign up to lead or assist in the children’s ministry, join the team that provides refreshments after services, or bear the elements to direct in the parking lot. No matter the size, if you ask where the needs are, you’re bound to find someone who can use what you have to give. You might feel as though your passions in life don’t fit a role in volunteer work, but there’s a place for everyone. If you find joy in music and art, your love of media can help your church to program weekly services. If you pride yourself in organizational skills, volunteering to keep inventory and order church supplies could be just the spot for you.

Be Hands-On

Many churches have a rich history in their community and solid bones in their foundation. However, over time buildings go through wear and tear and will need work. For those with a gift of service, lending a hand in restoration projects can make a large impact on your church. Helping the elders to find the right supplies, conducting online searches like industrial roofing in Tacoma, WA or carpeting experts in Checotah, OK, is immensely helpful.

These projects can branch outside of your church building and be done in the homes of those in need within your church family. Your ability to lay flooring, repair roof damage, or even repaint walls can give a struggling family a new sense of home. Not a handy individual? Your gift to the church could be financially supporting a construction project or coordinating the event from an administrative perspective.

Bring Your Friends and Family

The sole purpose of the church is to gather in the presence of God. The church isn’t just a building, it’s a community of believers coming together to worship and reflect on His goodness. When younger generations come together to worship with elders, it bridges the gap between them and creates a unified community.

Helping your church to expand provides them with opportunities to further reach others. When we come together to support the church, we can use the gathered resources to pour out into the world. The more we come together, the more we can do to be the hands and feet of Jesus.

Support A Cause

Most churches dedicate themselves to causes both locally and globally to serve and love others the way Jesus did. Some churches take an at-home approach and contact their local leaders to seek the needs in their community. One church in New Jersey contacted the powers that be in their district and discovered an overwhelming school lunch debt. When they discovered this great need, they sent their tithes and offerings to cover that debt and help the families in their community. Loving others by serving both for and with our church, is what Christianity is all about.

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