6 Reasons to Move to New Jersey

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If you are becoming tired of the same old habits you’ve had for years in the town or city you live, it may be time to switch things up. One way to do this is to move to a new place and reinvent your life, at least on a small scale. New Jersey is a lively, varied, and beautiful state that you could consider when you are thinking of new places to live. While you may just think of New York when you picture a new life in the northeast, New Jersey has many exciting and nice cities, too. You may even consider living in West New York, NJ, on the border of NJ and NY if you are looking for something close to the Big Apple. If you are considering New Jersey as a potential new home but are wavering, here and six great reasons to take the plunge.

1. The NJ Bike Transportation is Incredible

If you love the rush of traveling by bicycle, there are plenty of bike shares and bike rental programs in New Jersey for you to enjoy and utilize. Hudson Bike Share has tons of bike-sharing locations across the state. There are bike sharing stations in North Bergen, NJ, as well as Bayonne, Hoboken, Guttenberg, Port Imperial, West New York, and in Liberty State Park. The easy access to new bikes across towns and the monthly membership offer of unlimited 45-minute trips across Hudson Bike locations make using this service a no-brainer. Next time you need to run a few errands in NJ, consider grabbing a bicycle from a bike-share program and taking the scenic 30-minute ride to your destination rather than driving.

2. There is More Space at a Lower Cost than New York

The huge benefit of living in New Jersey over New York is that you can purchase a lot more living space or land at a much lower total cost than in New York. In NY, it is likely you would have to rent in order to afford living expenses. In NJ, you can purchase a home and invest in your space.

3. Beautiful Outdoor Views

New Jersey has stunning outdoor views everywhere you look. Even if you are not at the beach, you will be dazzled by the views in the downtown area, or head up to the Appalachian Mountains for a scenic climb or hike. You may even be able to look out across the water and see NYC or Staten Island.

4. Proximity to New York City Without the City Sounds or Taxes

You could work in New York City while living in New Jersey, and save a boatload on income taxes. Additionally, you would not be at will to the noisy cityscape or the constant rush of trains and ambulances from NYC.

5. Access to Some of the Best Beaches

Beyond the popular Jersey Shore television show, there is a lot more to love about the beaches of NJ. Wonderful views of the Atlantic Ocean and well-kept sandy beaches make these destinations some of the most premium summer hangouts. If you really love the water, you may even consider buying a boat for yourself. Check out boat sales in Green Brook, NJ, in North Bergen, Jersey City, or wherever you find yourself in New Jersey to get some of the best prices.

6. Great Public Schools for Your Children

If you are a parent or are thinking of starting a family, New Jersey is a great place to land. The public school systems in the state are rated among the best in the United States. Whether you are moving to Hudson County or Weehawken, you will be able to find a suitable school for your kids.

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