Best Places to Retire in New Jersey

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If you want to retire in New Jersey, consider your personal needs before choosing a specific location. Proximity to the seacoast and community amenities are two of the top considerations for those looking to retire in the state. Some people want to enjoy the ocean scenery whereas others want to move to a secluded area offering more privacy.

Regardless of your preferences, complete research in advance to narrow down your target destination. In doing so, you gain valuable information about different towns which helps you determine where you see yourself spending your golden years. The best places to retire in New Jersey are spread throughout the state, meaning options are available for every taste.

Hang Ten in Surf City, NJ

Despite the name, you do not have to learn how to surf before moving to Surf City. Renowned for being the best place to retire in the state, median home prices hover around $700,000 and rent averages at $1,200 per month. This makes Surf City an affordable destination for retirees who want to downsize without sacrificing amenities in the process. With low crime rates and a lively downtown area, this location provides safety and engagement at every turn.

Since many seaside shops close for the winter, the area lulls during colder months which is a welcomed respite for many after the hustle and bustle of summertime crowds. Perfect for retirees who want to embrace the next era of their lives while still gaining quiet moments to themselves, Surf City is effortlessly balanced to offer you the best of both worlds.

Stay Close to the City in Boonton, NJ

Retirees who have acclimated to life in the Big Apple may be looking for nearby living accommodations that allow them to schedule visits to the city throughout the year. Victoria Mews is a top assisted living community in Boonton, NJ providing retirees with copious amenities and is conveniently located on the outskirts of New York City. With a full-service beauty and barber salon, multilingual staff, and a casual bistro found at Victoria Mews, this community is focused on elevating assisted living standards.

If you are interested in learning more about daily life at an assisted living community, speak with a representative about your personal needs. By selecting this option, you receive the level of care you need and gain the advantage of enjoying everything Boonton has to offer.

Most assisted living communities provide transportation, meaning you can pop into New York City whenever you want to catch a play or spend an afternoon with your grandchildren.

A+ Living Accommodations in Princeton, NJ

Rated one of the top places to live in New Jersey, Princeton is an appealing location for retirees seeking proximity to their preferred conveniences. Numerous restaurants, coffee shops, and stores are located throughout Princeton, making this a great area to settle into for years to come. If you want the feel of a suburban neighborhood but do not want to sacrifice the convenience of walking to get coffee or fill a prescription, this is the destination for you.

An added benefit, moving to this area makes it easier for you to switch healthcare practitioners and find new offices to visit as needed. To narrow your search, contact Outlook Eyecare to discover a list of eye doctors in Princeton, NJ. This helps you find the best practitioners in the area without spending hours searching through results on your own. Once you have your healthcare needs settled, you can relax into the daily routine of living in this idyllic city.

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