Boudoir Shoot Ideas for Couples

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A fun form of foreplay, treasures for personal use, a way to celebrate milestones in a relationship, or even if meant for sale and extra income, more and more couples are turning to boudoir photography shoots for a variety of reasons. Whether it’s to bring some excitement into the bedroom or as a form of side hustle income, if you’re looking for tips on your first boudoir shoot, read on.

Setting the Mood


The best sexy shoots come when the moods right. The same way you or your partner might take extenze before heading to the bedroom for a night of sexy fun, setting the right mood for a shoot is important. Whether it’s setting a theme and planning a shoot for weeks to build up to it or if you prefer a more natural look with fewer props or fanfare, being in the right mood for a boudoir shoot is important. While there are tricks you can play with the lens and talented photographers can easily guide models to sexy poses to fit cozy, outdoorsy, romantic, and even sassy themes, start off with the right tone of fun and experimentation before you begin that shutter clicking.

Take some practice shots for fun. No one said anyone ever had to see those playful shots with your partner. Using time at the beginning of a session to connect not only with the camera but each other will do wonders for the final product. Like the difference between a natural lash and cheap false eyelashes extensions, an authentic and fun relationship can easily be caught on camera.

Dressing for Shoots


From that retro or vintage dress down to the fine details like mink eyelashes versus synthetic eyelashes, you’ll want to do a lot of planning before it’s time to pull out the camera. From lighting to how you dress, taking time to plan out a theme for a glamour shot is important. If you’re stuck for ideas, hit a fashion blog, vlog, or even Pinterest for ideas to get you moving in the right direction. While something as simple as satin red sheets with that ruby red lipstick might work, the best shots are pulled off with research long in advance.



For some models, the hardest part of these sexy shoots is getting into character. While the perfect lash extensions will go far, no amount of fur or even the best lingerie will breed confidence. If you struggle with how to lose yourself to the camera, consider a little roleplay with your partner. Pretending you’re that sassy dominatrix, damsel in distress, or powerhouse vixen will go a long way to getting you in the right frame of mind.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with personalities, poses, and characters. Maybe you’re naturally a quiet person. You might be surprised how quickly the right outfit has you sitting on a queen’s throne staring confidently into the lens of a camera. If you’re on the other side of that camera, help her know she’s beautiful by telling her so, guiding her toward drop dead gorgeous poses, and doing your own research, too. There’s an art to sexy shoots that goes much further than glamour. The right angles and a carefree tone with your model will make your pictures come out as beautiful as her.

In the end, there are no wrong answers when it comes to planning and participating in your private couple boudoir shoot. The best way to go about it is to work together to make it fun. From coming up with themes and new ideas together to playing with dress, roleplay, location, lighting, and makeup, you can make your boudoir shoot both original and even sexy, too.

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