Do You Know Your Carbon Footprint?

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With climate change concerns becoming increasingly important, there’s a greater need for people to do more to preserve our planet. Although this seems like a daunting task, experts agree that we can take small yet significant steps towards cleaner earth.

Tracking and reducing your energy usage is one effective way of limiting your Co2 emissions into the atmosphere. However, knowing your carbon emissions when trying to reduce it isn’t always easy, but luckily, we’re here to help with that. Below are some handy tips for knowing and reducing your carbon footprint.

Use energy-efficient appliances.


According to several studies, your carbon footprints are mainly related to energy use in the home, transportation, waste management, and water use. Energy use in the home causes many significant carbon emissions that increase global warming potential. In the U.S, about 40% of all carbon dioxide emissions come from the demand for cooling, heating, and hot water alone. While you cannot do away with these essentials, you can undoubtedly upgrade appliances like the HVAC system in your home responsible for these needs. Reputable AC and furnace repair services such as E.C Waters Air Conditioning can help with these concerns.

E.C Waters Air Conditioning is a trusted local AC repair company operating out of Orlando, FL. They install, maintain, and repair a broad range of heating and air conditioning systems to keep you comfortable all year long. Outdated HVAC equipment causes high residential power and fuel consumption. E.C Waters Air Conditioning can help you save big by replacing your HVAC equipment or improving the duct system’s efficiency. They also install smart thermostats like the Nest learning thermostat that maximizes your HVAC systems’ efficiency and decreases your carbon footprint. As such, clients benefit from maximum energy savings and reduced greenhouse gas emissions, lowering their overall energy usage. What’s more, they have dedicated professionals with over 30 years of experience in providing top-notch services to clients.

Join the smart home revolution.

The smart home upgrade seems an inevitable reality that homeowners would have to face sooner or later. Smart devices and software like Samsung Smartthings and Apple HomeKit are popular smart home products on the market today. There are also popular voice command technologies like Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant.

Besides making your home comfortable, these smart home features can also help you know and reduce your carbon footprint. Smart meters can conduct effective energy monitoring to locate and turn off appliances that are consuming too much energy automatically. Also, using LED smart lights instead of standard incandescent light bulbs will significantly reduce your energy consumption, utility bills, and Co2 emissions. You can use this guide on how to upgrade your house to a smart home as an easy way to use less energy and reduce your carbon footprint the smart way.

Adopt sustainable practices.

As mentioned early on, there are several ways each one of us can know and reduce our carbon footprints for the best results. Remember the 5Rs (refuse, reduce, rot, reuse, recycle) to promote zero waste. Also, you can join a carpool group to reduce your fuel consumption. Other means of commuting like public transportation and biking also make a big difference in reducing the impact on the environment. Additionally, you can drive an electric car, eat lower on the food chain, meaning purely vegan diets or reduced meat products like poultry, livestock, and red meat. Lastly, you can commit to a carbon offset program as a practical way to reduce your greenhouse gas emissions that you’ll inevitably cause.

In conclusion, climate change is a significant concern that can be tackled only through a concerted effort involving everyone globally. Through the above-listed points and several other effective means, you can contribute your quota to reducing your carbon footprints and help combat the greenhouse effect.

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