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Between the delicious food and unique history to warm temperatures and Southern charm, a trip to the Deep South is unlike any other. Ranked in Lonely Planet’s top 10 regions to visit in 2018, the southern United States is a unique travel destination with plenty to offer for both first-time and return travelers. If you’re planning a vacation to the South, here’s what you need to know to ensure your trip goes smoothly.

Pack for the weather.


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Summers in the South are sunny, hot, and muggy, while winters are short and wet. Besides the essentials (bathing suit, light clothes, underwear, toiletries, and sunglasses), pack a pair of pants and a warmer sweater for cooler nights, and a pair of comfortable shoes and dressier shoes for a night out at a restaurant. Before you start packing, make sure to check the weather report.

Whether you have a fair or dark complexion, it’s also important to pack a high-SPF sunscreen when traveling in the South. With long days and high temperatures, it’s easy to burn during your vacation. In addition to sunscreen, consider packing aloe vera to soothe your skin in the case of sunburns, as well as extra water bottles to prevent dehydration.

Prepare your car.


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From Montgomery to Atlanta to New Orleans, planning a road trip through the South’s major cities is a great way to take in the Southern charm and enjoy all the Deep South has to offer. But before embarking on your road trip, it’s crucial to make sure your vehicle is ready for the drive. If your road trip spans multiple days, your car will serve as your home away from home. Getting a vehicle inspection before leaving home can give you the peace of mind of knowing that your car doesn’t have any defects and ensure that your road trip goes smoothly.

Aim to schedule a vehicle inspection at least a month before your trip to prepare your car for the drive and complete any necessary repairs. Check your coolant, oil, brakes, lights, signals, and tire pressure. In the case of an emergency, be sure to pack spare tires and a jumper cable.

Plan for emergencies.


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Vacations don’t always go according to plan, and emergencies happen. Make sure to plan for travel emergencies, like injuries and illnesses, by scoping out local emergency services and packing any necessary medical information.

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Book lodging accommodations in advance.


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If you’re planning to stay at a hotel or Airbnb, booking your lodging accommodations beforehand can help you save money. In most cases, hotel prices increase as your booking date nears, especially during peak seasons. Booking accommodations in advance means you’ll be able to enjoy a low nightly rate, making it easy to save hundreds of dollars over a week-long stay.

Reserving a hotel room in advance can also provide peace of mind. There’s nothing worse than arriving at your perfect, peaceful vacation destination only to find out there aren’t any rooms available. Booking in advance ensures availability, and you’ll be able to shift your focus toward planning the perfect itinerary.

Whether you’re currently planning a vacation or counting down the days until you leave, preparing for your trip down South will allow you to experience all the South has to offer.

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