Essential Travel Packing Tips & Hacks

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Looking forward to a vacation is exciting, but many people find the idea of packing stressful. There are plenty of methods to use that reduce headache, maximize space, and ease traveling. Check out these essential travel packing tips and hacks.

Roll Up Clothes

Dealing with wrinkled clothes while traveling is inconvenient. Skip folding clothes and roll them instead. Not only does rolling clothes keep them from wrinkling, but it saves on space in luggage. For extra impact, put rolled clothes inside compressible plastic bags and vacuum-seal them to save more space.

Maximize The Space

There is plenty of hidden space inside the luggage that can be maximized. Stuff the empty inside space of shoes with socks or underwear to both save space and help shoes keep their shape. Store cables, headphones, and charging devices inside empty glasses cases to keep them organized and damage-free. Bras can be stacked together and stuffed with underwear to help cups keep their shape.

Carry-On Vs. Checked Luggage

Travel like a minimalist and opt for a carry-on bag. Flying with a carry-on bag saves time wasted checking it, the extra cost, time wasted at baggage claim, and the stress of lost luggage. Airlines typically allow passengers one carry-on bag and one personal item. Pack an in-flight essentials bag with anything that might be needed during the flight to avoid being that person who blocks the aisle searching for something in the overhead compartment.

Wear Your Heaviest Clothing

Wear the heaviest packed clothing when traveling. Warm clothing takes up space and gets heavy, so wear the jacket on the plane and layer clothes that can be easily removed if it gets too warm. The same is true for shoes; wear the heaviest or bulkiest pair and pack the smaller pairs. This keeps the carry-on bag from getting heavy to transport.

It’s smart to check out a city’s official tourism guide to discover things to do, where to go, and what the climate is like. Knowing what weather conditions to expect and how to get around is useful when packing appropriate clothes and shoes. The Corinth Area Convention And Visitors Bureau, in affiliation with Visit Corinth, has plenty of useful suggestions for visitors about things to do, where to stay, and what to expect.

Stay Balanced

Wheeled luggage is meant to ease transporting it and be convenient to control. An unbalanced bag will topple over the moment it is not supported. When packing a bag, keep balance in mind. The heaviest items, like shoes and liquids, should go in the bottom of the bag next to the wheels while the lighter items should go on top.

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Carry A First-Aid Kit

It’s not ideal, but sometimes sickness or accidents happen while traveling. Stay prepared by carrying a small first-aid kit stocked with essentials. The kit should have bandaids, Neosporin, anti-itch cream, aspirin, stomach irritation medicine, and cold tablets. If traveling abroad, be sure to refill prescriptions before leaving and bring the prescriptions along.

Keep Dirty And Clean Clothes Separate

Dirty clothes and clean clothes may be packed together but that doesn’t mean they should mix. Pack plastic and ziplock bags to store wet or dirty clothes. Place dryer sheets inside the laundry bags to keep the clothes from smelling.

Choose Toiletries Wisely

Traveling with a carry-on bag means packing travel-sized toiletries. Small travel bottles can be filled with essential items and empty contact lens cases can be used for creams or moisturizers. Put plastic wrap under the bottle caps to prevent spills and store all toiletries in a Ziploc bag. Consider packing bar shampoo, conditioner, and body wash to avoid being over the allowed fluid ounce weight.

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