How to Pick the Perfect Engagement Ring

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Engagement jewelry is an important step in the life of a couple. Buying the perfect engagement ring for your fiancé with a natural diamond, lab-grown diamonds, or cubic zirconia should be a top priority for anyone thinking of proposing. Picking the perfect engagement ring is a bit more involved a process than many think, however. Whether you’re thinking of dressing as a priest like Tchami in order to create a theme proposal to your loved one’s favorite music and DJ or are looking for a romantic beach setting, it all starts with the engagement ring and branches out from there.

Start with your new fiancé’s style.


The engagement ring picking process takes a number of considerations, but it may be helpful, to begin with your loved one’s current lineup of jewelry. Does she wear mostly white or yellow gold, for instance? Matching your engagement ring to the style of jewelry that she already wears is a great help when it comes to picking out the perfect ring that she will love to flaunt to her friends, coworkers, and nearly anyone else she encounters on a regular basis.

Picking out a ring material and color is the first step to achieving the perfect engagement ring: Many rings are made of a variety of gold purities, but in order to achieve a white gold look many couples are opting for the premium of platinum as a luxurious substitute. Look at her earrings, necklaces, and other rings in order to uncover some color and style elements that will help you go from there. Once you’ve decided on a ring color it’s time to think about the style. Rings come in many widths and styles, and the claw or clamp mechanism that holds the diamond in place can add a unique style element to the ring as well. Jewelry is incredibly intricate and nuanced these days, so you may even consider bringing a few of her favorite pieces of jewelry to the customer service team at your local jeweler in order to hone in on the right style.

Choose the perfect diamond.


An engagement ring isn’t complete without a diamond. But not all diamonds are created equally. The clarity and brightness of a gemstone play a major role in its luxuriousness – more so than the size of the diamond in many cases.

The mixture of these three elements is often where ring buyers find the most trouble. Purchasing a diamond is a big deal and will cost thousands of dollars in many cases. Looking into Agape Diamond reviews is a great way to shortlist many candidates for your ring. These are lab-grown, and very much real diamonds that often cost a fraction of the price of mined diamonds for the exact same cut. With Agape diamonds in your arsenal, you can be sure to get the perfect size that shows off your love as well as a diamond that holds a brilliant clarity and color for a fraction of the price of a traditional, earth-mined variety of lesser quality.

Once you’ve found the perfect diamond to go along with the band that suits your loved one’s collection of jewelry and stylistic tastes you can focus on the proposal. Taking the pressure off of the ring buying experience helps grease the skids of many proposals in the United States. Without the added strain of picking the right ring and the uncertainty over its perfection, men are free to remain in the happy moment during the proposal. With the help of a diamond broker in your local area, you can be sure to match the perfect diamond with a ring that suits your new fiancé’s needs perfectly.

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