How To Prepare Before Going Into Rehab

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The decision to go to rehab for a substance abuse addiction, alcoholism, or another issue is a big one. Congratulations on being ready to make positive changes in your life. While you’re likely stressed out about your time in rehab, there are some things you can do before you leave home that might make your return easier. By taking these steps now, your recovery journey might be easier. For tips on how to prepare for rehab, read on.

Researching Your Rehab Rules and the Available Amenities


No two rehab facilities are exactly the same. Every rehabilitation center has different rules, policies, treatment plans, and ways of doing things. A great first step in preparing for rehab is to find out what the facility you’ll be going to requires and allows. In some recovery homes, it’s perfectly okay to contact loved ones and cell phones are permitted, for example. In others, this would not be allowed. Finding out ahead of time will put you in a better place to get the best results out of your time in rehab.

Maybe you’re fortunate enough to be going to a luxury facility like The Hope House in Arizona. The first step towards making this transition smooth is giving Hope House a call and asking ahead of time about things like the length of stay and whether you’ll be allowed to have visits from a family member. Knowing this ahead of time, as well as the wide array of amenities and services they offer, will help you acclimate faster in the long run.

Cleaning Up Your Environment


In rehab, you’ll learn all about triggers and how to have a better chance for long-term recovery and a life of sobriety. For this reason, it’s important to think about details like your air quality at home if you’ll be returning to the same environment after rehab.

Maybe your home or room has a leftover odor from marijuana smoke. Buying a weed odor eliminator now will mean fewer triggers for you to come home to. Consider buying a true HEPA filter air purifier, throwing out those spare vape pens, removing or cleaning anything with the smell of cannabis, and more before you leave for rehab.

If you’re a smoker of nicotine cigarettes, be sure to ask your rehab facility whether smoking is allowed and be honest with them about your habits now. They will be able to help you find the best way to manage any addiction and can help you take the next steps toward quitting.

Making a Plan for After Rehab


Therapists, social workers, and clinicians at your rehab will likely work with you to come up with a plan for when you transition back home. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t start thinking about ways you’ll need to change your future lifestyle now. Maybe you have a roommate who struggles with addiction. Perhaps you live in an apartment complex that has a strong weed smell you won’t be able to get rid of. Addressing these issues now and making plans for alternative arrangements when you get out could be a great way to occupy yourself before leaving for rehab.

Many people make the mistake of wanting to attend that last Phish concert or party that one last time before heading to rehab. Do what you can to avoid this now. While your intentions might be good, exposing yourself to more triggers after a decision to help yourself can have bad, unfortunate, or even tragic results. Staying busy packing and making changes while identifying a sober support system will help you stay distracted before leaving for rehab, and will be something you’ll thank yourself for.

At the end of the day, your decision to go to rehab is a fantastic first step on the road to improved mental and physical wellness. Take a deep breath, do a little research on the rehab center you’ll be attending, clean up your environment, and make a plan for your return home. You’re about to make big changes that will mean great things for your overall quality of life.

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