Should You Work With a Teletherapist?

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The global pandemic has caused more people to feel depressed or socially isolated than ever before. That being said, the good news is that the pandemic has also taught us just how connected we are through technology and the global market. For those who are feeling sad, hopeless, anxious, or socially isolated, one way to address those symptoms is through engaging in online therapy. If you’ve heard about online therapy but aren’t sure whether you should work with a teletherapist, read on for reasons why calling a mental health professional for online therapeutic services might help.

Ease of Access and Comfort from Home


One of the top reasons to contact a virtual therapist for online mental health services is because you’ll be able to address your mental health issues from the comfort of your home. Therapists have been using online apps and platforms since well before the pandemic, but have most recently put a new focus on call center quality assurance that adds up to a great experience for therapy clients. From behind the screen or on the other end of a video chat or phone line, psychotherapy professionals can help you work through your problems in traditional therapy sessions with no risk to you by being outside your home during the pandemic.

Easy to use and similar to a Telehealth medical appointment you might have had with a primary care physician or any other clinician, online therapy services can be as simple as clicking a link or waiting for a therapist’s pre-scheduled call. While some people have worried that seeing a therapist online wouldn’t be the same as in-person, the reality is that therapists are able to implement the same treatment plan best practices they would have face to face. That is, online psychotherapy is producing the same results with less Covid-19 risk to clients or psychologists.

Options for Therapeutic Modalities and Perspectives


Another great benefit to online therapy is that it means more options for clients when it comes to the form of therapy they can choose. Whether your preferred treatment approach is cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), and you specifically hope to find CBT therapists or groups with an emphasis on behavioral patterns, or you’re looking for a less structured therapeutic approach, the world of virtual therapy means more options because you can receive therapy from licensed therapists all over the world.

The same applies to groups. Online therapists can help you to get involved with virtual support groups that include people from all over the world interested in learning to navigate a specific problem. If you were limited to face-to-face therapy or in-person groups, you might miss out on the diversity in perspectives and people digitally available now.

Staying on Top of Mental Health


Perhaps the very best reason to consider working with a virtual therapist is so that you aren’t prolonging getting help with your mental health. The longer you go without professional support, the longer your symptoms could continue. By waiting until the pandemic is over for an in-person visit, you’ll run the risk of creating self-destructive behavioral patterns or simply feeling bad far longer than you would if you got help now.

At the end of the day, very few people haven’t been seriously impacted by the global pandemic. Most people are experiencing anxiety around these uncertain times. Many people are noticing signs of depression, social anxiety, sadness, fatigue, and more. With mental health issues on the rise and no clear end of the pandemic in sight, it’s important to address mental health concerns now. Consider calling a psychologist and asking about their online Telehealth and Teletherapy services to find out what your options are. You’ll thank yourself for it in the long run.

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