The Roseland Peninsula Could Be Your Next Holiday Spot

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Uncertain where to spend your next well-deserved vacation? Don’t settle for ordinary settings — go for an enriching and idyllic trip to the Roseland Peninsula.

Located in Cornwall, England, the Roseland Peninsula is one of the most scenic portions of the British Isles. You can soak up history and indulge in picturesque sceneries while walking in countryside cliffs and notable villages, such as St. Mawes, Portscatho, among many others.

Though the Roseland is famous for its peaceful beaches, sheltered coves, and overall tranquility, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy energetic water activities like surfing and waterskiing. There’s entertainment for all ages, tastes, and interests. Keep reading to find out why this place should be the first item on your bucket list.

Beautiful, vast beaches

Thanks to the peninsula’s shape, ferry rides are the easiest, quickest way to course through an expanse of crystalline waters and explore different areas in the county. This includes assorted beaches, considered some of the best in the world. Ferry services are available so you can ditch boring car rides for a while, and sightsee every piece of land in a unique way. 

Cornwall boasts over 300 idyllic beaches. You won’t run out of options, whether you prefer your vacation to be crowded and lively, or tranquil and remote. If you’ve got children and pets, they’ll love the dog-friendly beaches available all year round. Go sunbathing with your family and take your dogs to the small Portholland Beach, and take the opportunity to meet the local residents.

Do you enjoy swimming? Then have fun with beach games and cool down by journeying through the rocks at the Porthluney Cove Beach. Grab the chance to delight in eats from lovely beachside cafes. 

Fine accommodations

In order to thoroughly enjoy your experience, you’ll need a top-quality place to snuggle down and relax after a long day of exploring. The homey Roseland holiday cottages, along with well-appointed hotels, farm, and guest houses, all provide the comfort and hospitality you need. Waking up to outstanding views and quality breakfasts will make your stay even better. 

A look into history

Take the 25 minute ferry from the Falmouth Pier to St. Mawes, the main village of the Roseland Peninsula, and pay a visit to the sumptuous and well-preserved St. Mawes Castle. This landscaped 16th century fortress carries a powerful background: it was built in the reign of Henry VII as protection from French and Spanish invasions around 1540.

It flaunts a signal clover-leaf form and ornamented Latin inscriptions, while offering superb views of the coastline. The St. Mawes castle is the most adorned and unspoiled of the chain of forts built for defense. It stands unscathed and waiting for your visit. You can time-travel by discovering all the castles established in Cornwall, and delve into over 6,000 years of history and heritage.

Exceptional cuisine

Fresh seafood, Cornish cream teas, classic plates with a modern touch — sounds mouthwatering, huh? Dining in the Roseland Peninsula can be a truly rewarding experience, and you deserve to feast on these gastronomic gems.

Varied menus promise to delight even the most sophisticated of palates. You can eat in luxury restaurants and chic bistros, stop by beachside pubs and cafes, and more, so take your pick! Whether you’re by yourself or with family, you’ll never get enough of every attraction the Roseland Peninsula exhibits.

Already feel like visiting? Get to know the Roseland and pack up as soon as you can. You’re in for a voyage that’s sure to be one of the best you’ve ever had.

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