Top 5 Accessories of Style Icons

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Whether your style icon is Beyoncé or Maisie Williams, there are a few key details that style icons have down pat. Their style seems absolutely effortless, whether they’re stepping out for an awards show, or just grabbing coffee at their favorite local establishment. What you don’t see is the work these icons put in to specifically coordinating a cohesive, flattering, and popular look. They find their niche and they stick to it, and if they veer from their normal choices, you best believe it’s going to be big news!

Instead of looking at their style as a whole, take any individual look, and you’ll find that what makes the look special are the accessories. Accessories give a peek into the personal. They’re the real statement pieces in an outfit. Here are the top five accessories of style icons that will make you look red carpet ready.

A personalized phone case

What’s one accessory that you have on your person at all times? It’s your phone, of course. You’ve probably never considered your phone an accessory since it’s also a useful tool for your work and personal life. What if you took the time to make your phone match your outfit or at least your interests? Suddenly your phone is a conversation starter. Friends and acquaintances will see it as a window into your personality.


The easiest way to dress your phone up is with a beautiful and interesting phone case. A company called Limited77 makes the best, most unique wood cell phone cases on the market. They can outfit just about any phone. Do you need a Google Pixel 3 case? They’ve got you covered. You’ll find exactly what you need to make your personal style statement. From etched wood images to colorfully printed pieces of art, everyone will want to know where you got your phone case.

A unique graphic tee

The graphic tee has become very popular among celebrities. Although you could find one at Target, you’re being shortsighted in what you can say with your clothing. Graphic t-shirts are walking billboards for your brand. Why would you wear something that everyone else in America has? Why wear material that isn’t comfortable when you could feel like you’re practically in your pajamas all day?

A fun way to accessorize with a unique graphic t-shirt is by buying from a specific location. If you’re originally from California and want to show some Cali pride, California Classics Clothing makes Monterey shirts designed by artists to give you a unique flair. They also offer hoodies and hats to top off your look. Wherever you’re from, see if there are local stores or artists creating interesting shirts that you couldn’t find in an airport shop.

A statement timepiece

Since everyone can check the time easily on their phones now, having a real watch that doesn’t count your steps and answer your texts is kind of retro. Watches are suave and with the right watch, you can really make your outfit pop.

For a bold watch look, consider purchasing a Hublot watch. They’re certainly not your grandpa’s timepieces. These watches come in wild colors, like black and yellow. They’re classic and new-age at the same time, making them the perfect way to top off any outfit.

Artistic earrings

If your ears are pierced, why not bling them up like a celebrity? Just about every celebrity backs a jewelry brand. If you’re into sustainable brands, check out one of Emma Watson’s favorite designers, Lilian von Trapp. Everything down to your jewelry’s packaging is sourced sustainably. You can look great and feel great about your purchasing choices.

A bold lip

If you’re a woman, nothing’s more powerful than a bold choice in lipstick. It can elevate any look immediately. Even a simple white t-shirt can flourish into a unified outfit with just a pop of lip color. Don’t feel like wearing a full face of makeup? Put on your lipstick, pop on your sunglasses, and no one will be the wiser.

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