Traveling From New Jersey: A Drama Lover’s Guide on Traveling to the Big City

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Let’s face it: living in New Jersey is much cheaper than living in New York. Many think that by living in New Jersey, you are giving up opportunities for jobs or exciting activities in New York City. However, there are many efficient ways to get to New York to enjoy these things.

If you are a drama lover, you may well want to travel to New York often to see productions of the latest plays and musicals, both on and off-Broadway. If you live in New Jersey, you do not have to give up your love of quality theatre. There are plenty of ways to get to the city and see wonderful shows without too much of a headache. If you’d like to learn more about traveling to New York as a drama lover, keep reading for some great tips.

Make The Most Of Mass Transit

One of the easiest ways to get to New York is by using the New Jersey public transit system. New Jersey Transit trains head straight into the city and many runs until or after midnight, so you won’t have to worry about making it back to the train station in time after your show. Transit gives you the flexibility of being able to do other things while you ride, such as read or catch up on work. Additionally, you are not at will to traffic if you are riding above or below ground, which can save you time and headaches. You can always check the New Jersey Transit website before you leave home so that you are adequately planning ahead and do not encounter any surprises on your journey.

Or, Consider Driving

Depending on where in New Jersey you live, public transit may not be the best option for you. You can always drive to New York to see your show, though you will encounter a fairly hefty cost for parking. Try to plan ahead as well as you can by reserving your parking spot through a parking-finding app. While it may still be expensive, it will not be nearly as expensive as paying for a lot or garage. You should also always exercise a good amount of caution when you drive and park in the city, as there are more people and therefore a higher likelihood that your car could get damaged or broken into. In busy cities, it’s especially important to make sure you lock your doors and do not leave valuables in clear sight.

Skip The Hassle With A Bike

A great idea for making it to the Big Apple from New Jersey is by renting a bike and traveling that way. There is bike-sharing in West New York, NJ, as well as in other New York adjacent New Jersey towns. Renting and riding can be cost-efficient, great exercise, and get you to your show on time. 

It may take a little longer than transit or driving, but biking is a peaceful way to take in the fresh air and see the city sights without having to look through a dirty train window or scan through bad car radio commercials.

Savor Your Time With A Live Show

Seeing shows in NYC is a fun and unique experience that you may not have every day, so you should treat it like it. Make sure you allow yourself enough time to see a bit of the city, grab a meal or bite at an amazing restaurant, and take your time living it up in the most populous city in the United States. 

There is plenty to do in New York City besides shopping and eating delicious street food. Make the most of your memories by seeing a show that makes you feel something special. Plus, if you see a show with friends or family, you can take time before or after the show to sightsee one of the best cities on Earth. The memories before, during, and after you see your show will be worth all the extra time or money. 

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