Which U.S. States Have the Best Climate Year-Round?

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How do you define a “perfect” climate? After all, one person’s paradise is another person’s hellscape. While tropical islands are lush and temperate, they still experience days and weeks of endless rainfall every year. Deserts may be sunny year-round, but they can be excruciatingly hot in the summer. If you’re looking for a retirement home or a place to move the whole family, you should know that scientists agree that the best climates are those that mimic a Mediterranean climate. Researchers known as Tourism Climatologists state that the best places to live for your health and longevity are places where your body rarely feels the stress of thermoregulation. Mild climates also lend themselves to exploring the outdoors and exercising, so in this way, they also promote a healthy lifestyle. When considering the best climates in the United States, look for warm, dry, and sunny weather.



The key to perfect, year-round weather? Microclimates. California has some of the best weather in the nation, but it is also home to Death Valley which boasts summertime temperatures of 125 degrees. Look at places like San Diego, Santa Barbara, and Santa Maria. These cities are all home to microclimates that are created by mountains, the ocean, and the perfect combination of humidity and sunshine. Whether you’re interested in surfing every day or enjoying 300 plus days of sunshine every year, Southern California or the Central Coast has a town for you.



With its perfect weather, immaculate beaches, and endless sunny days, Hawaii is an obvious choice for this list. Honolulu’s perfect island location prevents it from ever experiencing lows below freezing at night and with its soft, island breezes, temperatures rarely go above 90. In fact, the average monthly high temperatures for the islands of Oahu and Maui stay within the 80s all year long. While it rains frequently, rain bursts tend to last only minutes, making this green state the perfect place to put down roots if you’re looking for sun and fun. With plenty of beautiful days, you should take advantage and find ways to develop new skills. Consider taking surf lessons with an instructor. Bodyboarding lessons are also an option, now that you’ll endless beach days to look forward to.



Though the state of Arizona is the only noncoastal state to make it to our list, the grand canyon state has much to offer in the way of excellent weather and amazing benefits. Phoenix receives 3,872 hours of sun every year, making its weather sunny 85% of the time. With 211 bright, sunny days, this makes Arizona the perfect place to put down roots if you’re looking for a place with great weather and a unique landscape. Plus, with its predisposition to sunshine, the solar panel industry has flourished in Arizona. The home value of houses in Arizona is consistently growing and with access to the alternative energy of solar panels, you’ll find that your energy usage and electricity costs will go down. The growth of solar panels in arizona makes this state a fantastic option for retirement as the cost of living is less than California but the weather is just as great.


South Carolina

While you may want to avoid the low country of South Carolina due to its notoriously heavy rainfall, South Carolina also features some of the best weather in the continental United States. Look at Myrtle Beach or Charleston. Both of these coastal cities rarely reach temperatures over 90 degrees and gloomy days are slim to none. This beautiful state is the perfect place to consider if you’re looking for a home in the South with beaches, sunny days, and plenty of hospitality.

Moving for the weather may seem like a drastic choice. However, with scientists agreeing that the weather has a direct influence on your overall health and happiness, it follows that you should consider which states would best serve your lifestyle and climate preferences. Now that you know which locations offer the best year-round climate, you can get started!

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