Your Guide for a Memorable Cross Country Road Trip

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Packing your bags, assembling the perfect series of playlists, and hopping in the car for a legendary road trip is just one of those things that nourish the soul. Now more than ever, we can all benefit from embracing a change of scenery. You can only spend so much time in your designated quarantine cave before you’re completely overrun by restlessness, and a maddening urge to get outside.

Well, with the Coronavirus traveling restrictions being as they are, it’s an opportune time to embrace driving instead of flying. Maybe you just got done finally removing overspray from a car. You’re more than ready to show that beautiful, reinvigorated ride off. Maybe you have a partner who’s been whispering in your ear about wanting to take a road trip for some time, and now you finally have the time to plan the perfect journey. Let’s take a look at a helpful guide for how to have a memorable cross country road trip.

What documents will you need?

Don’t let all the excitement about hitting the road blind your common sense. Make sure to double-check that you’ve got your driver’s license, and if you’re not American it can become a more complicated situation. Specifically, some states will accept licenses from most countries, while other states will end up requiring an international driving permit. And of course, you’ll need insurance for your vehicle, which you’ll be able to acquire from the car rental company.

Which vehicle is optimal for the road trip?

The US interstate highway system is arguably one of the best and safest highways in the world, but you’d be ill-advised to navigate its terrain in a flashy sports car. Sure, ripping down the gulf coast highway in a shiny red convertible is enough to put a smile on anyone’s face, but that doesn’t mean the convertible is ready to brave the snowy roads of Colorado or Montana.

You’ll also want to consider how much room you need in the vehicle you’ll be crossing the country with. It might be best to opt for the SUV or maybe you’re a sucker for the RV life. Just make sure you do your proper research when it comes to scoping out the RV insurance. A lot of unexpected curveballs can present themselves when out on the road.

How long will the journey across the country last?

The fastest you’ll be able to get from the West Coast to the East Coast is between four and six days. With that being said, you’d have to drive between eight and 10 hours a day. However, you might be in the mood for a slower, more scenic adventure. It’s all about properly mapping out how long you want to and can be, on the road. Maybe you have some work restraints that need consideration. Just plan ahead, and you’ll be alright!

Figure out your lodging situation.

The times have changed, and the olden days of being able to take up with roadside camping are rare, if possible at all. Seriously, it’s illegal in most states. So, you’ll want to make sure that you’ve secured places to stay before you hit the road for your cross country journey. Fortunately, resources like Airbnb offer an easily navigable interface that helps folks find superior places to crash at ridiculously reasonable costs.

We’ve touched on some of the crucial boxes you’ll need to have checked off before you hit the road, and adventure across the country. Wanting to take a road trip is one thing, but sufficiently preparing to ensure that you’re able to smoothly navigate the different legs of the journey, is a whole other matter. Just make sure to reference this guide, and you’ll be well on your way to an unforgettable, highly enjoyable cross country road trip!

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