Your Guide to Women’s Coats and When to Wear Them

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Fashion can be a mystery for many women, and coats are a particular item of clothing that you want to make sure you’re wearing right. A great piece of outerwear can make you feel amazing and bring an entire outfit together. Here’s your guide to women’s coats and jackets.

Denim Jackets

Denim jackets are very popular and for good reason. There are plenty of different jean jackets, so you’ll want to find the one that best suits your style. You might like a medium wash jacket with buttons. An oversized, but fitted jacket might make you feel comfortable and stylish.

The best thing about a jean jacket? It’s versatile. You can wear it with western-style clothing and cowboy boots to a rodeo or with a sundress during a shopping trip. Throw it over a dress shirt and you have the perfect casual Friday outfit for the office. The darker the wash, the more professional it looks, so choosing the right color will make a difference in your look. You may love denim jackets so much that you have a few in different styles and colors. This is a wardrobe staple that every woman should have.


Dress Coats

Every woman should have at least one dress coat. If you’re headed to a winter wedding or a work cocktail event, you can’t wear your jean jacket or puffy coat. The right wool coat will keep you warm while pulling together a perfect look. If you want to complete an evening look while the months are a little colder, you could search for “women black dress coat” for the perfect warm accessory for a chic night out. Depending on where you live, you might have months of cold winter weather. In many colder states, snow can continue well into May. Having a rotation of outerwear for the colder weather means that you’ll never be at a loss for the perfect jacket, whether you’re evening plans are a white tie event or a formal date. Make sure a beautiful and warm dress coat is in your closet.


Puffer Coats

Who doesn’t love a big, warm puffer coat? This is the perfect outerwear for a weekend ski trip or a Saturday spent making snow angels. A puffy jacket should be comfortable and warm above all else, but that doesn’t mean it can’t look cute. You might prefer a long coat over a shorter one. You could opt for a jacket with a fur-trimmed hood or go hood-less. Keeping a few puffer coats in your closet will give you plenty of casual options in the winter.



Women’s blazers are extremely versatile, and everyone should have at least one neutral-colored blazer. Wearing a blazer to work gives you the freedom to take off your jacket after crushing an important presentation. Your blazer might serve as your outerwear for the day, or in the colder months, you might wear a long coat over it. You can pair a black blazer with a colorful blouse, or wear a neutral outfit to show off a patterned and fun blazer. Owning a few will keep your work clothes looking fresh, and you’ll love pairing your jacket with new outfits and accessories. Make sure your jacket fits you perfectly. It should close across the chest without pinching while the arms should cover your wrists. Check that the shoulder seam falls where it should before you buy. With the right blazer, you’ll look fantastic and feel confident.


Every woman should recognize the importance of outerwear. Owning a few fantastic jackets will make your outfits more complete. You’ll look put together and stylish, and in the colder season, you’ll still be warm and cozy. Stock your closet with coats that fit you perfectly and you’ll love choosing one to complete each day’s look.

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