5 Social Distancing Activities You Can Do With Your Kids

The first case of COVID-19 occurred in China in late 2019. COVID-19 is a contagious respiratory disease caused by the novel coronavirus. Individuals with COVID-19 can experience several symptoms, including trouble breathing, fatigue, chest pain, fever, and headaches. Some individuals who get this disease suffer long-term health issues as a result of the illness. COVID-19 Continue Reading

Uber Accident: What Happens If You’re a Passenger in an Uber Accident?

The ridesharing market has experienced a surge over recent years. In 2018, 95 million riders used the Uber app on a monthly basis. As one of the most popular ridesharing apps, Uber allows individuals to request rides from nearby and it is significantly cheaper than traditional taxi services. It’s also often quicker when picking up passengers Continue Reading

House vs RV Living: Pros and Cons

Types of homes classified as standard homes include single-family homes, apartments, townhouses, and condos. Recreational vehicles (RVs) are alternative living options to typical homes. RV industry professionals attribute the growth in RV sales to millennials’ and young families’ increased interest in these vehicles and the RVing lifestyle. RVing is a growing, popular activity, with an estimated Continue Reading